Tasmania Offers Food lovers Some Serious Culinary Pleasure!

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At Tasmanian Gourmet Gifts we package a portion of that pleasure into a gorgeous hamper for you to savor at home, send to a loved one, or present as a corporate gift. The tastes of Tasmania are as varied as they are fine. From the lush pastures producing the finest dairy products, berries and fruit, walnuts and wine, to the world sought after salmon and wakame seaweed from our waters – the different regions of Tassie offer their own culinary surprises and we have selected a range of beauties for you to experience in our gourmet hampers. Tasmanian Jams and Dessert Sauces Tasmanian land and growers produce fruit with amazing flavour which attributes to the success and popularity of Tasmanian jams and fruit sauces. Tasmanian Gourmet Gifts have selected a divine range of Tassie’s best to pop into our gourmet hampers. We are lucky with our beautiful pristine environment in Tasmania, to be able to choose for our hampers produ... continue reading

Why send Tasmanian gift hampers?

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Tasmania's quality food and wine attract foodies from interstate and all over the world. It has built a reputation over recent decades as Australia’s Gourmet Island. At Tasmanian gourmet gifts we have hand chosen produce from the best our state has to offer to include in our Hampers. You can also choose the best from the best from our Pantry section to build your own hamper or stock your own pantry at home. Our Hampers can be posted all around Australia so that everyone can enjoy a slice of Tassie delivered to their door! Tasmania – the Gourmet Island. Tasmania’s clean surrounding waters, cool climate, fresh air, rich fertile soil and the cleanest air in the world all help contribute to this ‘Gourmet Island” producing an incredible variety of foods and amazing wines. Because of its small size, Tasmanian food producers have tended to focus on a range of specialty products, catering for ‘niche’ markets. Tasmania... continue reading

Christmas - all the important stuff you need to know!

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It is well and truly Christmas season and we are in in hamper making mode for the festive season! To ensure we can deliver each and every order to loved ones all over Australia we've put together some important information for you here.... Order Cut Off Dates - to make sure we allow enough time for gifts to arrive in time for Christmas day, and to avoid any disappoint we will be cutting off orders on Monday 22nd December at 12noon . After this time we simply cannot be sure that our courier service will comfortably be able to deliver your gifts in time. Regional Area Delivery - please understand that we do the very best we can to ensure all gifts arrive before Christmas but if your order is going to a regional area (country towns, non metropolitan areas, remote cities, etc), where it may normally take a few extra days for delivery, we would really suggest you have your order well a... continue reading

Delivery Calculator Glitch - eek!

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We seem to be having some delivery calculator issues and there is a glitch causing the shipping rates at checkout to be quite over the top! Rest assured, as soon as we can speak to our tech guys on Monday morning (17 November), we will have it fixed pronto! In the mean time, our delivery rates are $12.50 for Tasmanian deliveries and $18.50 for everywhere else in Australia. If the rate at checkout it charging you more than this, you can either approve the order at the rate it is quoting, and we will email you and arrange a full refund or you can save your cart and let us know you are waiting to place and order and we can sort it out for you manually. We are really sorry about this - and will have it fixed as soon as we can get a the tech team in on the phone to sort it out. Monday can't come soon enough!... continue reading

Honey! Did you know?

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Western Australia's Department of Agriculture and Foods in conjunction with Quarantine WA are serious about protecting their honey! Currently, the Western Australian honey industry is free from a known European Foulbroad Disease, which has been found in other states of Australia. The Disease can kill bees, and WA are keen to keep their bees safe! It is possible to bring honey into Western Australia if the honey has been heat-treated and the individual obtains a certificate from a relevant Quarantine Authority. But, the easiest way is not to bring it in at all. The Tasmanian honey selection available in our hampers are safe and free from the spores that carry the European Foulbroad Disease, but as the majority of Tasmanian honey products are not heat-treated, we are unable to send them to Western Australia. If you are sending a gi... continue reading

Welcome to our new website

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Tasmanian Gourmet Gifts is excited to finally open this new webstore. It's been a long time in the planning and building stanges, filled with excitment, laughs, tears, set-backs, progress and after nine long months, we are very excited to be finally showing it to you! Our fabulous products and excellent service remain the same, but the we hope the site will things easier with our fresh new approach. Please browse our gift hampers, create your own gift hamper or buy produce from our new Gourmet Pantry section to stock your own pantry. We always apprieciate your feedback so please take your time to look around and send us an email with your thoughts on the new site. And of course, if you are having any problems simply give us a call and we can help you out.... continue reading