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Why Cant I Send Honey to Western Australia?

Western Australia’s Department of Agriculture and Foods in conjunction with Quarantine WA are serious about protecting their honey!

Currently, the Western Australian honey industry is free from a known European Foulbrood Disease, which has been found in other states of Australia. The Disease can kill bees, and WA are keen to keep their bees safe!

It is possible to bring honey into Western Australia if the honey has been heat-treated and the individual obtains a certificate from a relevant Quarantine Authority. But, the easiest way is not to bring it in at all.

The Tasmanian honey selection available in our hampers are safe and free from the spores that carry the European Foulbrood Disease, but as the majority of Tasmanian honey products are not heat-treated, we are unable to send them to Western Australia.

If you are sending a gift to Western Australia and you are selecting products to send, please ensure you refrain from the temptation of our delicious Tasmanian honey! If you select from one of our Ready Made Hampers containing honey you can choose from one of the “options available” or we will replace the item with a jam, dessert sauce or relish of equal or greater value.

Western Australia appreciates us helping to keep their bees buzzing and disease free!

The same quarantine rule of no entry into Western Australia applies to whole walnuts in their shell and so they cannot be sent in the hampers either.  The same process applies with choosing an alternative.