Tasmanian Native Timbers

Tasmania has an enviable selection of rare speciality timbers, unique to our island state, and we have a growing reputation not only as a “Gourmet State” but as the “Design Island” too.

At Tasmanian Gourmet Gifts we have chosen three timber craftsmen who transform these timbers into gifts of excellence that will sit perfectly in any hamper.

We proudly offer a specially selected range of these gifts for you to choose from and the opportunity to give a piece of Tasmanian history to your family, colleague or loved one.  A keepsake they will love.

Rare, Special, Hidden

Below the waters of Lake Pieman on Tasmanian rugged West Coast lies precious treasure hidden for over 25 years since the damming of the Hydro lakes. In the depths of the water lies some of Tasmania’s rarest and most sought after timbers. Solid timber has been discovered there, untouched and intact and is now being resurfaced by an amazing team “Hydrowood”.  These Tasmanian Timbers that are often short in supply are then transformed with delight by our local wood craftsmen at “Oakdale Industries” for us, here, at Tasmanian Gourmet Gifts.  Special!

We are very proud of acknowledging this amazing process and also our craftsmen’s partnership with “The Fine Timber Chain of Custody Certification”. This certification offers assurance that the wood products you buy are made from timber that can be traced back to a responsible, sustainable and legal source. It is a world first, rigorous system that covers all steps in the supply chain. Again….special…

Tasmanian Huon Pine Cheeseboard

Wild & Rugged Wilderness

Tasmania, with its unique geography and environment, has some of the finest cool temperate hardwood forests in the world. Using only the soil, sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide from the air, these forests produce some of the strongest and most beautiful timbers in the world.

Huon Pine, Sassafras, Blackwood and Myrtle are perhaps the most known names and synonymous with quality and beauty.  Each species has its own character and individual richness and we have selected a special range of gifts to showcase these timbers.

Unique Timber Gifts

When you choose a unique timber product with us you can be assured it comes with a character all of it own. We offer you the unique opportunity to send a gift made from Tasmania’s rarest and hard-to-source timber varieties.

See our range of timber gifts in our Create Your Own Hamper section of our website.